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CRG Employee Spotlight: Mike Shamus & Jon Burnz

Posted by CRG on Apr 20, 2021 2:48:13 PM

CRG is shining a spotlight on our employees.

Mike Shamus and Jon Burnz are Directors of Consulting Services and bring more than 50 years of combined expertise in the Full-Stack IT arena. 

Here’s a look at why Mike and Jon came to work for us and how they plan to grow CRG Solutions.

An Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Before coming to CRG in January 2021, Mike and Jon were both IT Consultants at a global technology firm. As Trusted Advisors to Executives, their role was to consult on strategic initiatives and help their clients use best-in breed technology to solve business challenges.

Mike and Jon decided to move from a big business to a smaller company because they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They knew they would be free to use their years of expertise to help expand CRG Solutions.

“We can sell anywhere. We don’t have to worry about verticals. We don’t have to worry about the size of companies,” said Mike. “We were somewhat pigeonholed at a large company because they have so many people doing so many different things. We’re able to use our skill set broadly at CRG Solutions and grow that business.”

Now, Mike and Jon can sell Full-Stack Managed IT services anywhere in the world. They can also sell a much broader scope of products since CRG has search and staffing services as well. Plus, the process is much faster because they have the authority to make decisions without having to wait for corporate approval.

“We’re able to be relevant and flexible to our client base. That’s a huge piece of what attracted us to CRG,” Jon said.

The Cultural Fit

Mike and Jon found the right cultural fit with CRG Solutions. They wanted to be able to do what they do best—and have fun doing it. During the recruitment process, it didn’t take long for Mike and Jon to figure out the CRG Solutions team shared their values, such as honesty, integrity, and the “we before me” mentality. 

“You like doing business with people you like, trust, and respect; and doing business is working internally as well, not just externally with customers,” said Jon. 

CRG supports Mike and Jon not only with technical tools, but also with confidence. The company has placed the future of its solutions services in their hands.

“We trust you. We hired you because of your background. We brought you in here because we want you to do this. Now, let’s not get in your way. Go,” Mike explained.

The cultural fit is both professional and personal for Mike and Jon. They don’t feel like they’re just filling roles. They feel like they’ve become part of a family.

“I’ve never been with a company that culturally treats their people as well as CRG does,” said Mike.

A Bright Future

Mike and Jon believe CRG Solutions is a team that’s always listening and open to new ideas and creative approaches. Right now, the men are laying the groundwork to educate the managed IT services market on CRG Solutions’ capabilities beyond search and staffing. 

“We’re creating new revenue channels that this company has not seen before,” Jon said. 

The CRG Solutions team came to Mike and Jon because they knew the managed IT services side of the business needed some guidance. The goal is for the men to incorporate their best practices and help CRG become more successful.

“We certainly realize the position this company is in to take off. We see the value, and we see the growth. It’s not if; it’s when. And we’re accelerating that when. It’s a great opportunity right now for this company,” Jon said.

Mike and Jon are staying busy and see nothing but great things in the future. 

“We’re going to have fun. We’re going to make some money. And we’re going to build something,” Mike said.

The men are enjoying a better work-life balance as well as the interest CRG Solutions takes in their personal lives. Mike and Jon appreciate the company’s family-first attitude and the camaraderie of taking care of one another. 

“There are lots of people who have been here for 15-20 years. That’s unheard of in a small company,” said Mike.


Mike Shamus & Jon Burnz in the CRG Employee Spotlight

Now you know more about what drew Mike and Jon to work for CRG Solutions and how they view their future with the company.

The men saw the task of improving CRG Solutions as an entrepreneurial opportunity with the right cultural fit and a bright future ahead of them.

CRG Solutions believes the measure of any person or organization can be found in the values by which they live. We look for people like Mike and Jon to make us better. Learn more about our team today!

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