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What It’s Like to Partner With CRG Staffing as an Employer

Posted by CRG on Apr 23, 2021 2:49:36 PM

An essential part of running your business is finding good people to work for you.

However, the recruitment process takes time, money, and energy—valuable resources that can be wasted if you hire the wrong applicants. 

Plus, searching for the right job candidates takes your focus away from your main business objectives. 

Here’s how staffing agencies such as CRG can help you find ideal employees that fit your culture.

What Is CRG Staffing?

CRG Staffing makes placements for both direct-hire and contract positions. The team uses a proven 15-Step Recruitment Process to generate 3-5 C5 qualified (character, competency, culture, compensation, & closeable) candidates in 1-5 business days or sooner.

What Are CRG’s Areas of Staffing Expertise?

CRG Staffing’s specialized areas include information technology, accounting and finance, human resources, sales, marketing, administrative, customer service, mortgage, and supply chain logistics. Here are some examples of the roles the team has filled for clients.

What Are the Benefits of Working With CRG Staffing?

As an employer who partners with CRG Staffing, you reap the benefits of expertise, quality, savings, and credibility. The team’s ultimate goal is to be a long-term partner and viewed by you and your company as an extension of your internal team.


CRG Staffing has made more than 12,000 direct-hire and contract placements. The team credits employee tenure and experience for that success. Turnover is rather high in the recruitment industry. However, when you work with an account manager from CRG Staffing, there’s a good chance you’ll be partnering with that same person for your recruitment needs for years to come.


CRG Staffing focuses on quality vs. quantity. The team wants to earn your trust and respect by providing you with fully vetted candidates who are the right fit for your business. CRG Staffing does this via the 15-Step Recruitment Process and proactive networking approach. Because of the company’s internal culture, and therefore low turnover, the team remains consistent in performance and long-tenured.


CRG Staffing can usually reduce your time to hire and recruitment costs by about 40%. The team proactively networks in specialized areas of support, so turnaround time can be quick. Both Account Managers and Recruiting Managers are able to quickly identify candidates who are a match for both the job requirements and your team’s working environment. This speeds up the process and saves money as well.


CRG Staffing has an average Google Review score of 4.9. The team has 100+ LinkedIn client recommendations and a 97% retention rate. CRG Staffing clients keep coming back because they know what they’re going to get. 

CRG Staffing prides itself on communication, customer service, and YOUR team’s long-term success. The team understands you don’t want to just “fill the role;” you need the right talent who can thrive on your team and help you achieve your organization’s goals. CRG Staffing ensures they only present candidates they truly believe will be a great fit for your current needs and future growth.

What Are the Stages of CRG’s 15-Step Recruitment Process?

There are eight stages in our 15-Step Recruitment Process, beginning with the recruitment strategy. Here is an overview of all of the steps.

Recruitment Strategy

  • Intake call to understand your business, culture, & talent acquisition needs

Candidate Identification

  • Leverage networks of our internal recruiters
  • Launch industry-leading recruiting automation software
  • Source from the industry-leading recruitment platforms
  • Source from the industry-leading social media platforms
  • Attract candidates through our ongoing digital marketing campaign

Candidate Development & Screening

  • Market opportunity to qualified candidates
  • Conduct interviews with qualified candidates

Candidate Presentation

  • Submit top C5 (culture, character, competency, compensation, & closeable) candidates to you

Interview Process Management 

  • Schedule candidate interviews with you (phone, video, and/or onsite)

Offer Management

  • Conduct offer call with finalist candidate & secure offer acceptance

Advanced Screening of Selected Candidate

  • Conduct reference transcripts for the selected candidate
  • Conduct a background check for the selected candidate
  • Conduct drug screen for a selected candidate if required

Career Transition Management

  • Manage resignation, counteroffer, & career transition

    people sitting at a table

    Working With CRG Staffing as an Employer

    Now you know more about CRG Staffing and how their services can help you hire the right people for your company and team.


    The team partners with large and small companies across a wide range of industries and have completed both contract and direct-hire searches for clients throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

    If you have questions about how quickly CRG Staffing can fill a position, how they assess candidates, or how the pricing model works, speak with a consultant today!

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